PEOPLE share their JOY


Mimi glows! Her Joy and Excitement for connecting with people shines through everything she does — from cooking and gardening to training and mentoring. Mimi Gatschet’s business sense is spot on, and her marketing strategies show the direct connection between joy and sales. After talking with her, you feel like you can take on anything! Kerrie

Mimi has the ability to truly get to know your business and what it needs. She, gets to know you, as a business owner, and helps you find ways to make things happen.

How could anyone not love Mimi? How could anyone NOT want her on their team. She knows everyone. And, best of all, she remembers them. Not just a face, either. Mimi remembers lots of important details. Family, business, when they last met. Impressive, for sure. Impressed me! Who she doesn’t know, she meets easily. A wealth of energy and enthusiasm.

Mimi Gatschet is truly one of the most GENUINE, caring, intelligent, and lovable women I have ever had the pleasure of working with in business. She is a breath of fresh air and makes the job FUN! She is one of the few gems that offers sincerity, quality, and brilliance all at the same time. And she bakes from scratch! SUPER-WOMAN.
– Crissy