Recognizing the JOY

Recognizing the JOY

Mimi’s Magic moment –

I was on my way into a Woman’s Entrepreneur’s Event to speak on Art In Connection. As I entered into the room the “The Happy Song- Pharrell Williams” was playing and I was filled with excitement. I was happy! I was dancing to the music as I was preparing my presentation.

A few minutes latter a little girl (around 8 or 9) walked in the room and she lit up when she heard the music! She was filled with excitement, she was wearing a tiara and immediately started dancing, so I started dancing with her.

She was so full of wonder and was open to the possibilities that this day had in store for her! (What a Great Teacher)

She was there because her mother was one of the attendees’. The little girl was out of school that day! Once the event started she sat very quiet next to her mother, however I noticed she kept looking at me and smiling! It was almost like – she was saying to me “WHAT IS NEXT” she was so open to the present moment, full of wonder and JOY of just being there. She was present!

The room was full of professional women, and the subject matter was about building your business! The first speaker (the host of the event) stood up and did a fine job of explaining what was to come (the agenda). When it was my turn, and of course I wanted to deliver relevant material for the audience, however as I kept looking at the audience this little girl was smiling and giving me unconditional love—- she was encouraging me with her smiles, and she was just shining her light! She was just being, and somehow she knew that was enough!

She felt connected to me, because we were open and present in the moment! We shared our love of music and were not afraid to dance, no matter who was in the room.

She knew that I really saw her and listened to her. She knew that she was significant and most important that

SHE Mattered to me.

When I left the podium she stood up as I passed her table and gave me a big hug! She told me what a great job I did and she reached into her pocket and held out her hand and a thin dime was in her hand she said “This is for you”.

WOWZA a magic moment! She valued me, and was willing to give me all she had to show me how much she appreciated the connection.

This little girl was exhibiting J O Y……… I recognized the JOY and it made the experience so much more rewarding!

My definition of JOY is: JUST OPEN YOURSELF- to all of the beautiful moments that are before you! It is so much more fun and rewarding living your life that way!

THE MAGIC- People Connect to People!

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